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Meet Jenny Zarate,

your skin coach

and consultant.


Clients often wonder which products are best for their needs and which skincare routine is best for their lifestyle. There are so many different types of products available and the source, quality and efficacy vary greatly and are often misrepresented.

I know you want to improve your skin, but clients are disheartened when the products they have invested in do not give meaningful change or if the facial they booked didn't deliver the results that were promised or hoped for. They have no one to ask for definitive answers and often give up (or collect half used bottles of product in their cupboard).

As a results oriented, Licensed Esthetician for over 10 years, I’ve done the research for you. Education, organization and results are my passion. Let me share my gift with you.

I take out the guesswork of your routine and give you the guidance, encouragement and cheerleading that is needed to make real changes in your skin. You may just have some questions or need a complete overhaul of your routine— I am there for all those needs. I listen to you, analyze your skin, recommend the best products and routines and I hold your hand throughout the entire process. If you are a novice at skincare or connoisseur of the spas, I offer a curated program to fit your lifestyle for achieving your personal goals for your skin.

It is my passion to help people feel comfortable and confident in their skin.
Let me help you transform your skin, transforming your life.

Jenny Zarate

Jenny Zarate is an esthetician with great devotion for skin care. Wanting to pursue her passion, she enrolled at the highly regarded San Francisco Institute of Esthetics and Cosmetology, where she graduated with high honors. With what she learned, she was able to subdue her own skin care challenges - acne, hyperpigmentation and aging -- and she would like to share her knowledge with you. Jenny is very results-oriented and takes pleasure in helping guests with their skin care needs and achieving their desired outcomes.


Continuing her education in skin care, Jenny attends post-graduate classes at the International Dermal Institute and beauty trade shows and conferences to enhance her skills in facials, body services and waxing. She is devoted to continually learning about the latest findings and technology of the industry so she can share her findings with her clients.


"Throughout my earlier years, I had acne and post acne discoloration, which left me feeling insecure and often unwilling to speak my mind, lest someone look at my face. I began searching relentlessly for a 'cure,' a treatment or product which would solve all my problems. What I found instead, from my education, research and hands on experience, was a body of information that -- combined with superior skin care products and habits -- was able to transform my skin and give myself the confidence I desired." - Jenny Zarate


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